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EST Brawijaya 2016

Tanggal : 21 November 2016

Tempat : Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

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On 21 November 2016, Something will appear in Malang. Something that unusual will enliven Malang city, especially on Brawijaya University. Something that seems unique and is awaited for those who have skills on Futsal, Basket, and Band. Something that we called ECONOMICS SPORT AND TALENT 2016. You already wait for us. This is us. For further information follow us on: Twitter: @ESTBrawijaya Snapchat: estbrawijaya IG: estbrawijaya Line @: @pas5881t AskFM: EST_Brawijaya FB: Youtube: Est Brawijaya Web:

#anekapromo #promokampussekolah #promolombakompetisi

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