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Gandhi Cup 2016 presents "MAZE: Discover Your Path"

Tanggal : 18-28 Oktober 2016

Tempat : Gandhi School Ancol , Jakarta

Informasi lebih lanjut : Angeline Suriaatmaja : 08118771792 / Rinaldy Kusuma : 085921664807 | Instagram & Twitter : @gandhicup2016


ARE YOU READY?! We are very proud and thrilled to announce our long awaited event Gandhi Cup 2016: "MAZE: Discover Your Path" 18-28th October 2016 Bringing you a BETTER, MORE FANTASTIC, SPECTACULAR, PHENOMENAL and not to mention, it's going to be one of the most a"MAZE"ing events of the year! With over 60 schools participating in the previous years, we challenge you to join our exhilarating competitions. So get excited, get your adrenaline pumped, put your team spirits up, enroll, show your best efforts and be a champion! #maze2k16 The Competitions include : I. SPORTS 1. Basketball (SHS M/F, JHS M/F) Randy : (081311163551/randy_17) / Wilson Suteja : (085697483536/wilsonsutejaa) 2. Futsal (SHS M/F, JHS M) Frederick : (087876361269/frederick_salim99) / Glenden : (087887798589/glenden.tikando) 3. Badminton (SHS M Single&Double) Gidion : (081280126968/gidiongaghana) / Nelson : (089625956821/nlsn_edbert) 4. Ping Pong (SHS M/F Single&Double) Yos : (087781663272/yosvaliandy) / Deni : (085772827359/derent06) II. ARTS 5. Dance

Devina : (089661615655/mjg12) / Arsrilisa :(087889077995/arsrilisa) 6. Mural Brigitta : (0819888878/brigittasoh) / Cynthia: (081910003000/angelica9899) III. TECHNOLOGY 7. Photography (open for public, max 22 y.o.): Tasya : (085881627519/tasyaa5) / Livialda : (081219976229/livialda29) 8. DoTA :

Edo : (087882353344/eduardohusin) / Aditya : (081297538010/muskato) IV. ACADEMICS 9. Debate : Christine Dinata: (08119280185/christinedinataa) / Gisella Edny : (089672608882/gisell.edny) So, what are you waiting for?! Hurry and register now before the slots run out! Registration opens from 22nd of August - 3rd of October For bazaar inquiries, please contact : Wilson Tjandra (087776500600/wilsontj) For interested sponsors, please contact : Ariel Johar (082111800101/arieljohar) For more information, go check @gandhicup2016

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