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Indonesia Digital Leader 2016

Tanggal : Deadline sampai 15 Juni 2016

Informasi lebih lanjut : | e-mail:


Hi All, We are getting back to remind you that Indonesia Digital Leader 2016 is still open till the end of June. If you want to be a truly young digital leader kindly register here or follow instructions below: A. Team Personal Information

  • Portrait Picture

  • Latest GPA

  • Leadership experiences

  • Achievement

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Interesting facts about yourself

B. Submit

  • (one) CV per person

  • (one) essay per team (No more than 500 words) with theme “how digital technology can Improve people’s life”

C. Submissions can be written in either English or Indonesian Don’t forget that you are the one who need to chase the chance. Go run and get the chance, it won’t bite anyway. :D For more information please visit or e-mail

#anekapromo #promokampussekolah

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