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INHYPE presents Offline

Tanggal : 21 Mei 2016

Tempat : Ciputra Artpreneur

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INHYPE // Offline Hello, We are! Inhype is an online platform that intents to build bridges for emerging local brands toward their audiences and influencers far and wide. Our website features fashion and lifestyle feeds from all around as it is a digital podium where people with shared interests unite. Active since August 2015, Inhype has gained attention from the local and international tastemakers of the industry. Planning to expand even more, we do interviews with influential people as we seek to inspire and be inspired, while continuing to give you fresh new updates daily through our news, featured brands, event coverage and personal insights to our young and diverse readers. With the rise of many new homegrown brands in the sea of fast fashion, Inhype wishes to draw attention towards brands with solid identities and potentials. Those, who not only have taken on the challenge of fulfilling the foreverfluctuating demands, but also cares on getting their voices heard and points across. The fashion industry, as we all know, is widely assorted. With brands coming from different backdrops, Inhype aims to introduce them as they are with phrases unchanged, to a wider audience using our social medias and the website as our main medium. With this launch, Inhype: Offline, we will collaborate with a variety of brands that in one way or another represents Inhype’s vision. The launch will include a fashion presentation, fashion installation, as well as an introduction to Inhype. Even more, we will incorporate other creative aspects to give people a full experience of what to expect when people visit Inhype aspire to be the platform that brings forward new, highly potential names to the influential people of the industry. With a variety of concepts and creative approaches the brands have to offer, we want to build a complete and thorough directory where readers, inspiration seekers from local and/or international can get introduced to new innovative labels as well as discover something new everyday. INHYPE OFFLINE At Ciputra Artpreneur 21 May 2016 Directed by: Ajeng Swastiari Featuring: Andrew Carnegie Bleach Project Byba Dolby Sakula Devastates DIBBA Dominate Gianni Fajri Imaji Studio Lala Bohang Mandaselena Muchlis Fachri (Muklay) Nadia Umammi PANTAINANAS Phantasma*Studio Rama Dauhan Rosalindynata Gunawan (Linguling) Suppairs With performances by: Elephant Kind Kimokal PSDLC Pandji Dharma Free Entry

#anekapromo #promofashion #promopameraneksibisi #promomusik

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