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HYPERDUTY 5 "Feel the Sensation Of Mind Escaping"

Tanggal : 14 Mei 2016

Tempat : SMAN 5 Depok

Informasi lebih lanjut : Hafidzh 081311095602 | Maghriya 089601287126 | Instagram: @hyperduty2016 | Twitter : @hyperduty


Are you ready to mingle in the crowd of Hyperduty 5?! Come and let your mind break free! We are hyper-jammin' with:

  • NAIF


With performances by SMAN 5 Depok:

  • SOS (Spirit of Smanli)

  • FAMOUS (Fame of Smanli)

  • CLASSY (Collaboration Sensation of Smanli)

  • FLASHFIVE (Flashmob of Five)

And band performances by:





And we are accompanied with our Master of Ceremony Gilang Gombloh (@GomblohGo) Adit Insomnia (@adit_insomnia) Wahyu (@wahyunismee) Have the guts to go up? We provide Wall Climbing for you! Come and join us on Saturday, May 14 2016 at SMAN 5 Depok! open gate from 9:00AM Buy your ticket now! Ticket prices: presale 1(19-25 April 2016): 30k presale 2(26 April-13 May): 33k ots: 38k

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