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The forth Jakarta Culinary Passport is coming to town!

Jakarta ( 17 – 20 September ,2015)​– Jakarta Culinary Passport is finally back with its newest theme "Asian Adventure"! The event will be held at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Exhibition Hall West Mall 5th floor for 4 days from 17 – 20 September 2015, open daily on 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM. More than just a food bazaar, you can also participate on their exclusive workshops and cooking class, free eating competition, and also games. Come and travel the foodniverse with us!! These are what happened during this awesome event: Food Bazaar Divided into 4 sections, there are 60 tenants with various specialities for you to try. You can find all the latest culinary trend in Jakarta Culinary Passport “Asian Adventure”. With wide range food selection from Sushi to Waffle, you wouldn’t find similar kind food from one booth to another. This is what a foodie looking for, varies food in one place with superb ambience as well. Culinary Activities Workshop and Cooking Class For those of you who’s interested in cooking, Jakarta Culinary Passport 3 offer 3 workshops: Food Replica Workshop by Ming, Plant Raw Based Cooking Workshop by Snctry and Barista Experience Class by Rio Dewanto & Friends. Free eating competition One that should not be missed is the free eating competitions supported by Zomato.This is the things that people chase the most, who wouldnt love eating free delish food !? The winner of each eating competition also rewarded with prizes! What else are you looking for ? Get your ticket on the spot! For more information about Jakarta Culinary Passport, visit their account Jakarta Culinary Passport on Facebook and @jktculpass on Instagram and Twitter. See you there foodies!

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