The 15th LSPR Theatre Festival Class 18-13A Proudly Presents: JAKA TARUB

Jakarta, 7 Agustus 2015

The 15th LSPR Theatre Festival, Class 18-13A Proudly Presents: JAKA TARUB on August 7th 2015 from 18.30-19.30 WIB at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall (Campus B), LSPR – Jakarta. For more info: Azzahra – 08551169000 or check out our IG: @JakaTarubTheatre. Synopsis: Seven angels, daughters of God (Dewa Wisnu), descend from Nirvana (Heaven) to earth to do the things they aren’t allowed to do in Nirvana. After a long day, they go down to the forbidden part of the earth where there’s a waterfall. They decide to take a bath under the waterfall, but the 5th angel, Nawangwulan, separates herself from her sisters. A man named Jaka Tarub and his brother passes by and notice the angels. Realising they were angels, they stole one shawl, and hid it back in their home. As the girls finish up, they need to go back to Nirvana, but as it turns out, the stolen shawl belongs to Nawangwulan, they had to left her alone on Earth. Jaka Tarub and his brother comes back only to discover that the angel left behind was the ugliest and grumpiest one. They pity her, and decided to invite her over for dinner. Time goes by without finding her shawl, Nawangwulan is forced to live as a human being, and fall in love with Jaka Tarub. Little did she know, the man behind her bad luck has always been close to her. How will she take the ugly truth?

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Pemimpin Perusahaan: R. Haryoko | Penanggung Jawab: Lilik Setyorini | Redaktur Pelaksana: Yudika Nababan | Media Sosial:  Muh. Heri Suyono, Eunike Dorothea | Keuangan: Siti Masamah | Alamat: The Archade Permata Hijau, Jl Raya Pos Pengumben No 1 B, Jakarta, Indonesia | Kontak: email: WA: 0882-8972-6272 | © 2014-2020

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