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METI and PASONA proudly present JFAIR2015

“Bringing talented people who will play an active part globally in Japanese small and medium enterprise” In 2013, Japan successfully became the biggest investor in Indonesia, surpassing Singapore. Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC) had conducted a survey on 2013 which findings shows that Indonesia is the number one invesment destination for Japan. Estimated that in five years, Japanese companies will expand in full force in Indonesia. Consequently, new opportunities will open which requires lots of workforce talent from Indonesia.

In order to facilitate the opportunity for Japanese companies and Indonesian workforce talent, METI and Pasona is collaborating to have their second job fair in Indonesia.Ministry of Economic, Trading, and Industry (METI) is a ministry of The Government on Japan. It is commonly called "human resource agency" for its leaders of politics, business and academia. Meanwhile, Pasona is a Japanese company which provides services in human resources. Pasona’s global network spans from USA to China, and surely in Indonesia.

The first JFAIR was being held inOctober 25, 2014. More than 63% engineering candidates participated our job fair with high enthusiasm, while the rest of participants look for management vacancy. The panel discussions also had very good feedbacks from the participants.

Regarding our previous achievement, we decided to have the second METI and PASONA JOB FAIR with the purpose to bringing all talented people who can play an active part globally togerther with Japanese small and medium enterprises.METI and PASONA proudly presents: JFAIR 2015. We strongly believe this opportunity will impact positively toward your carreer path. Feel free to register at take part on February, 7th of 2015. There would be more companies you could explore for your career ahead. Have an adventurous journey ahead! About PT Pasona HR Indonesia PT. Pasona HR Indonesia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pasona Inc. (Japan:, was established in 2012 as one of the first temporary staffing and full-time placement firms focused on Japanese businesses in Indonesia. Pasona is the largest Japanese recruiting agency that is focused on the Japanese businesses in the Indonesia and also holds an international network in USA, Canada , and various countries in Asia. Although our focus is on Japanese companies, the Japanese language skill is not required. We welcome those who hold a genuine interest and/or have had exposure to the Japanese culture, language, and business. We recruit for various career levels and we work to build relationships with any Japanese business regardless of industry in order to provide our candidates with as many career opportunities as possible, including direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary positions. When working with job applicants, our recruiters strive to understand their career plans and goals while maximizing individual strengths and experiences gained in the past.

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