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How to Start Your Own Business and How to be a Green Creativepreneur

Penyelenggara: CeweQuat Giveback Project
Tempat: SMK 48, Jalan Raden Inten II No. 3, Buaran, Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur 13470
CeweQuat Giveback Project How to Start Your Own Business.jpg

Giveback Project Giveback Project is a social project that must be held by CeweQuat Sisterhood batch 3 which is divided into teams. This project is an indicator of sister's graduation after almost six months training. This project must contains social value, hope, and a chance to live a better life. And the purposes of this project are to give knowledge, skill, and short workshop to young women in Senior High School, Vocational High School, University, or Community with a middle down background.

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