The Sixth Jogja International Heritage Walk

We are very proud to announce you that Jogjakarta International Heritage Walk 2014 is now official member of International Marching League (IML), this great news were announced on The Annual General Meeting in Chantonnay, France. Our biggest thanks to all of the people who support us to make this annual event become a part of official event of IML, also this is a big pleasure for Indonesia especially for Jogjakarta that represents Indonesia to become the first country in the Southeast Asia to arrange this big annual event.

Jogjakarta International Heritage Walk (JIHW) 2014 held by Jogja Walking Association which support walking activity is not only walk but behind this activity we bring the new idea: “Walk for Green and Community”. During the activity we expect all of the participants will enjoy the beautiful and exotic scenery of Jogjakarta and also interact with the local community who offer you the most beautiful experiences in culture like traditional food, dances and performance arts. While enjoying walking activity, participants can join us for planting 1000 trees to promote our ‘Green and Eco-Tourism’ concept.

Through this event, Jogja Walking Association wants to involve and work together with others community to support and spread the idea that walking activity can become a lifestyle without needs to compete each other, anyone can enjoy this activity from each age. This annual event will invite all of the people from any background and from the entire world to come and doing this walking activity while sharing their cultural background to the local people, bring the happiness and friendship through our motto “Lets Walk Together”



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